NCRE Refresh Program

NCRE REFRESH is our program that allows our sellers to refresh and remodel their homes pre-listing. Best of all, sellers don't pay for the remodel until they sell.

Pre-listing updates are key to unlocking the maximum value of any home. Move-in-ready homes attract more buyers, sell faster, and sell for more than homes sold as-is. By completing pre-listing repairs and renovations, we can present the home in the best possible light – with no payment upfront. Call or text me today and mention that you want to learn more about the NCRE Refresh Program at (720) 955-8337.


  • No Scope Minimum or Scope Maximum
  • Fixed, All-Inclusive Pricing
  • ROI Driven Improvements
  • Pay when you sell. No Hidden Fees, Interest Charges, or Credit Checks.


  • Dedicated Remodel Team, led by a dedicated General Contractor. Vertically Integrated and built to take care of everything from Proposal to Finished Product.
  • Renovate 50% faster than the Industry Average.
  • Homeowners make an average of $80,000 additional profit.
  • ROI across all home updates averages 340%.
  • 1 Year Transferrable Warranty on all work.
  • Technology Driven, Modern, Simple and Transparent Process


  • Work with Nick Crothers Real Estate to review your home and identify the most likely areas of improvement that will generate an ROI.
  • Get your Rough Estimate. This is done within a day or two.
  • Allow for a Matterport virtual walk-through model made of your home. This will provide the estimators with more details and measurements to fine-tune their quotes.
  • Finalize Project Scope and get a Final Bid. Again, focusing on the improvements that will provide a Return on Investment.
  • Approve Work
  • Relax while the crew gets to work. Be proud of the home you will be putting on the market that your friends, family, and colleagues may see.
  • Let Nick Crothers Real Estate get to work to list and market the home in its most attractive state. This will help achieve more top-dollar offers, more quickly, and provide strong negotiating leverage throughout the contract.
  • Collect your top-dollar seller proceeds and pay for the work.
  • We can certainly insert steps along the way, such as a pre-listing inspection to further identify potential issues and ensure a smooth contract towards closing. This will all be decided in consultation with Nick Crothers Real Estate.
  • Call or text me today and mention that you want to learn more about the NCRE Refresh Program at (720) 955-8337.

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